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​Engineering Services:                                                                                              
• Building assessments and energy studies                                    
• Existing condition report                                                                
• nyc special and progress inspections
• As built record documentation                                                      
• Code assessments                                                                            
• Plan reviews
• MEP services contract documents                                                     
• nyc Filing services

At TSS Engineers, we use the latest technology to provide superior architectural and engineering design services to our clients. Our small architectural-engineering firm creates new or retrofitted systems that perform efficiently and meet the needs of the client. 

With all of our engineering and architectural design services, we provide an expert engineer and architect to ensure that we achieve harmony between the two trades. We ensure proper communication and a timely schedule through meetings, emails, and phone conversations.

At TSS Engineers, our philosophy is not to control the contractor’s product, but to express the importance of design intent. All of our documents are approvable by local authorities and contractors. We even have several contractors that we work with regularly. 

We have several methods of charging, depending on the project needs. This can be as a not to exceed number where we bill on an average hourly rate or as a percentage of construction or billed per rate of task.

residential rate is   $100.00/hour
commercial rate is $125.00/hour

nyc filing services:
$750.00  per application which is usually per project with multiple trades
$150.00 signoff

special/progress inspections
$750 for first 8 hours regardless of trades and $150.00 for every hour thereafter

Option 1. With a not to exceed number at the end of the project we will bill you as follows:
  a. We bill the hourly fee if at $100/hour times number of hours on the project is less than the not to exceed number.
  b. We bill the not to exceed number if the not to exceed number is less than hourly fee .

Option 2.
  a. for trade construction of $50,000 or less our fee is 12% of that number and 
  b. for amount between $50,000 and $100,000 our fee is 10%

Option 3 
If we are specifically billing per one of the following tasks:

Drafting $75.00
Design $100.00
Principal $150.00

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HomeAboutServicesPortfolioExample Project

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